From bruised bums to beach bums…

UPDATE: After 5 visits to 4 internet cafes and 3 power cuts, here is the photo blog we’ve been trying to share for days. It is now a little out of date but we will be sharing another blog very soon!

We thought we would update you with images. We feel they summarise the events of the past few days…

imran sea

mikki hammock


laundry and bikes

moths 2

mikki back

imran hammock


6 responses to “From bruised bums to beach bums…

  1. I hate you both, do you realise how cold it is here? i am in bed with a puffa jacket on, a wolly hat and a hot water bottle!!!

    Glad you guys are having a great time, keep the updates coming
    x x

    • Really Pasco, is the ‘puffa jacket’ really necessary, it may be cold but that is no call for a return to the 1990s… there is another, better, less puffy way…

      New update later on tonight hopefully (we have been lent some very fast internet) so as long as the power stays on, going to have lots of awesome music and photos, hope you like! X

  2. Have at long last got around to reading your blog. I’ve just read it from the start to this entry.
    Some amazing sound clips, great pics. What an awesome project!

  3. Sarah Carr-Archer

    Hi u 2

    Have just spent a lovely hour reading through your blog, listening to the music, looking at your fantastic photos. What an amazing trip and such memories. I am in awe of your determination and stamina! Well done – it is such an achievement. Can’t wait to hear all about Mali and the festival. Hope you’re going to bring a cora back with you!

    I shall be sponsoring you for all your efforts but I’m trying to think of a more profitable way of doing it rather than just giving a donation from us. I’ll come back to you when I have sorted something out.

    Very proud of you and so envy the experience you are having…

    Much love,


  4. What a great photography you have here on your Blog.
    The energy from the singers and dancers jumps from the screen !!
    We enjoy reading and listening to your Blog, especially with 20 cm of snow in the streets here…

    We met up with you in Gambia,
    Greetings, Ferdinand and Rose from Holland.

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