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Please do get in touch with us to find out more about our trip…

UK: 0044 757 806 6804


4 responses to “Contact us

  1. CABAN Olivier

    Salut les routard musiciens, comment ça va au Mali… Les enregistrements avancent bien? Je viens de lire vos aventures, ça donne envie de repartir direct, mais le temps aura raison de cette envie!!
    Je pense bien à vous et éclatez-vous

    • Aww, Olivier, you are here with us in spirit! The recording went well thanks (and now I understand a little French, enough to read your message, but not reply!)
      Check out the clip on todays blog, very cool! X

  2. Ciao Belli !!!

    This project is so beautiful and so are you ! How lucky are you ?
    This is something that will be in you hearts for a lifetime.
    Sorry I’m not good with posts and emails, but I do think of you both alot and take apeek from time to time.
    Today as a proud zia I showed your site to Kishon Khan a musician of Bengali orgin who lives in London and plays with lots of world music bands – have look on Google- He also knows quite a few people in Psoas ( although he is somewhat critical of it ) and said he would love to meet you when you are back in London his email address is : – his mother also oraganised the Bangladesh World Music event in Feb 2011. He could be an interesting contact for you both to get in contact with the music scene in London.
    Tiziano, the girls and Nadir are all well and we often talk of you over dinner. Hope that you will be there in the flesh at dinner sometime soon.

    Big Hug & Love.

    zia Lubna

    • Hey, so glad you like the project! Yes we are very lucky, can’t wait to come and say hi to you all- in fact I was talking with Mikaela about beach time in Italy and wondering if you were planning anything en famille? Would be nice if we could spend some proper time with you all.
      Really want to get in touch with Kishon, sounds like a cool guy- we deleted his email from your comment and then copied it in the hope of pasting into gmail… then of course our very slow computer crashed and we lost the address! Please could you email us the contact again? Sorry! Our project address that we use now is
      Glad everyone is well, un bacione!

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