Home sweet home…

Our lovely new house

As I type our new housemates are out on the terrace, chilling in hammocks, listening to music and chatting all things Mali.

Life has moved fast since we last blogged (quite unusually for Mali!). We have moved house, found a band to work with and moved house again.

Moving house, renting a whole Sotrama to move our bikes

After the first proved to be a bit of a disaster, we’re relieved to have settled into our second new home of the week and as each day passes we are focusing on arrangements to play with the band.

For now we wanted to share a few pictures of our new neighbourhood, Lafiabougou.

Hiking in the dramatic rock hills behind our new house

Outside our new house, the local football pitch of Lafiabougou

We promise the next blog will bring rehearsal recordings, photos and an idea of the music project we’re working on…


3 responses to “Home sweet home…

  1. Ma-brouk. Your new house looks lovely. Hope all goes well.

  2. It looks cool and very green, even in the dry season! The football pitch looks just like the one next to where I lived in the 80s! Plus ca change…. xx

  3. Grim and Grumps

    lovely to talk and see you both yesterday, your house look really good. hope all goes well with your band, cant wait to hear some of it,. lotsl of love G & GXXXXXXXXXX

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