music cycles’ first promo video…


9 responses to “music cycles’ first promo video…

  1. Hi guys

    This is great, kind of puts the fusion into a visual and audio nutshell.

    System would not let me comment directly on Youtube – feel free the copy the comment on if you can find a way.

    I’m still reeling with all the things going full on here. Hope to skype soon.

    lots of love xxxx

  2. Fusion indeed – you are , every one of you, so sensitive to the others’ musical culture … it feels very natural – yet is a real rich collision. I could enjoy listening to this for a long time. Powerful when you sing together after taking it in turns.

  3. josimmomorgan

    Gorgeous. Loving it here back in Londres. Best love to you both, Jo, Luke & Ollie xxx

  4. Liking it lots. Looking forward to more.

  5. Epic
    i woke up at noon today

    • Thanks for that enlightening piece of info jacky boy, it enriched both of our days…
      Big love X
      (btw, which bit was epic, the experience of viewing the video, waking up at noon or, the naturally significant task and subsequent achievement of commenting on our blog..?)

  6. love it!!!cant wait to hear or see the rest!!

    lots of love from switzerland!

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