Our first day of recording…

All the musicians pose together for an impromptu group photo

Record number of takes in 100 degree live room before sneaking a break- 5

Spontaneous dance breaks from Baini our electric guitarist- around 5…

Best use of resources- Kona (studio owner) for his ‘egg box sound proofing’

Exclamations of ‘ne nodo’ (‘my mistake’)- countless

Hours worked in studio- something near to 8

Tracks recorded- 3 (and we had only aimed for 2!)

So, with the first 3 tracks recorded, our album is finding its feet, getting its groove on, and taking some kind of shape for its inevitable late-night London mixing in May…

Mikaela and the boys (Madou and Ton Ton)

Mikaela in the innovative ‘eggbox liveroom’

Imran mic’s everyone up!

It’s lunchtime and Andra insists that Mikaela and Baini need their photo taken together (after weeks of warning that he will elope with her)

6 responses to “Our first day of recording…

  1. Salomé Verhoestraete

    Love it!!!!

  2. Wow – that sounds superb! Great fusion.
    I want 10 copies of the album right now!

  3. great great music….well done can`t wait to hear more
    very large hugs in your direction

  4. Grim and Grumps

    Real toe-tapping sound, great start hope all the rest is as good, we are sure they will be, can’t wait to hear some more. Been out on my Scooter down the chine and then on to Durley Chine and back, Grumpy is exhausted and l wont give him a ride on my scooter he has to walk. Love Love Love.XXXX G & G

  5. sounds stunning and wonderful photos too, love to you both xxxx

  6. I thought you guys were meant to be bumming around Africa – this is far too productive! Love the new Green Brooms video!

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