A few dark clouds: our house is burgled…

Arriving home to find our house had been burgled was a low point of the trip.

Everything gone. The camera, sound recorder, all our money and unfortunately the list goes on. Walking to the police office we noticed, for the first time, the sky was full of dark clouds and as Imran commented on the unusual weather a drop of rain fell to his nose. It seemed the first rains of our trip in West Africa had fallen.

But stuff is just stuff, our time here and on the rest of the trip has been fantastic, our encounters unique and the friends we have made will remain in our lives far into the future. For a moment we considered getting out of Mali as soon as our recording was finished, but that would be turning our backs on something so positive and leaving with clouds hanging over us.

But, we cannot change the fact that we have experienced a financial loss and of course the impact this has had on how safe we feel. These factors combined with a sense that if we continue to Kinshasa we may have to rush on the bicycles so much that we will actually miss seeing the countries we pass through, has led us to make a big decision.

In May we will return. We will fly home from Lagos where we have music contacts and a press passes for Sub-Saharan Africa’s exclusive performance of Fela!

So now with only a few months left and almost all of our valuables gone (except our bicycles and the GPS!) we are actually feeling positive. We are ready for the next leg of the journey, but not ready to come home. It’s not quite time to say goodbye.


12 responses to “A few dark clouds: our house is burgled…

  1. Dears, so sorry to hear about this but SO pleased and proud of your decision to remain and to build on the positive. Take care.

    • Thanks Ling! Also, by returning in May we will have lots of time to mix the album and maybe even play a few gigs on the festival circuit hopefully with our kora playing friend from Zinguinchor..! Good things ahead! X

  2. What a misfortune!
    I admire your positive attitude and wish both of you the very best!


  3. You are right..they are just things..and it is this positive attitude that is your great strength. The storm clouds are indeed gathering again over many parts of Africa and its not just the weather. I think your decision to return earlier is a good one.
    So sorry about the burglary.
    Good luck…john.

    • Thanks John, we are excited to come home in May- with enough promotion from our end here in Mali over the next month I think we could play at a few festivals over the summer with a kora player from Senegal that we have worked with… would be a great opportunity for us. May is also one of my favourite weather months, will be a treat to come back for the whole summer! X

  4. Grim and Grumps

    sorry skype was unusable but good to hear from you in any way. l do communicate that way with my sister Rita but cant see her on Skype, her camera is so useless that we spend most of our time laughing at her picture round, blue with a red nose. hope the rest of your journey is upbeat and happy and the feeling of being less safe disappears, your time in Africa has been wonderful for you both and nothing can take those experiences and feelings of belonging from you.We will be counting the days til we see you both. much love and hugs and kisses again. G & G

  5. Zoumana Dembélé

    C’est un truc de fou mais je suis ravi de lire que vous gardez le moral, le plus dur ce sont surement les enregistrements, quelle merde!!
    Je vous souhaite plein de courage, bisous à vous deux

    • Hey Olivier, je pensais que tu etais un Malien que je ne connaissais pas… Heuresement, je venais de faire le backup de tous mes fishiers (photos et enregistrements) sur un disque dur que mes parents (qui sont en visite) m’ont ammene. On revient de 8 heures d’enregistrement dans le studio! Bisous

  6. Hey! Really sorry to hear that, but great that you are staying happy on your bicycles and with the song in your heart! Have a fantastic trip to Nigeria and I hope the rains don’t all fall on your nose! x

  7. where are you now? Have a good time. Silvio: Segou-Bamako bus.

    • Hey Silvio, We are still in Bamako, but leaving for Burkina in a couple of weeks, then Ghana, Togo and Benin before heading home! Hope you are well and enjoyed your trip… make sure you check out our short video of one of the tracks we have recently finished for the album!

      Best wishes,

      Mikaela and Imran

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