Camel at the front door…

Temba (our housemate), yelled to us from the courtyard ‘Eh, guys, come look at this, there’s someone at the door…’.

We pulled ourselves away from an afternoon jam session and were surprised to find an unlikely visitor to the busy capital of Mali.

‘Salam aleikum’.

‘Walaikum as salaam’, we replied in unison.

It was a man on a camel. He had travelled over 1000 km from Gao (close to Mali’s border with Niger), all the way to Bamako.

Camel at the door

Camel at the door

As his camel munched at our tree we offered him a glass of ice cold smoothie, explaining it as ‘a traditional drink from home’. He thanked us, we exchanged a few words of french and then he peeled his camel away from our tree before continuing on his journey.

Offering a cold drink

Bonne route‘ we yelled from our gate. We returned to the house with another wonderful and bizarre encounter to add to our list.

Camel at the door


8 responses to “Camel at the front door…

  1. Hilary Franklin

    Hi you two
    Loved the camel story and pics .Sorry I havent written on here for a while but always love your messages and look forward to the next part of the adventure every week .Hope you are both well and obviously having fun.Will be great to see you later in the year .Love Hil xx

  2. Have been following your journey and particularly enjoying the pictorial aspect! Love this top photo of Michaela…… lovely shot. BTW I am friend of Shakeeb’s, just in case you were wondering what I’m doing here making comments

    • Didn’t wonder at all, that’s the beauty of the blosphere, everyone is invited! So glad you’re reading and following us, the next leg of the journey promises to bring many more colourful blogs!

  3. Amazing guys!

    You’re gonna have so many incredible memories xx

  4. Have loved all your stories, you guys are brilliant. Am now concerned about what is happening in North Africa and the Middle East. Dont know how well the news travels south of The Sahara but Algeria,Tunisia, Libya,Egypt etc are not good places to be and will probably get worse before they get better. You may want to consider an earlier return.

    • Fret not re North Africa, its many miles from us and there is a pretty solid state here, no chance of any large rebellions! Cote D’voire is off our path and we are heading South in April so will be fine! No early return for us, too many exciting things to see!

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