Festival Waakono: 2011…

Reaching Ke-Massina had been stressful. Imran had watched his guitar fly off the roof of our moving bus onto the dusty road behind us and we had both begun to wonder if our long journey from Bamako would be worth it.

The driver didn’t seem to think a guitar would need attaching

But to our surprise the guitar survived its fall at 50 km per hour and as we arrived in the tiny village things began to look up.

A nice welcome committee

Greeted by dinner and friendly faces, we had a quick jam before jumping in a pinasse to cross the River Niger reaching the small island of sand where the Festival Culturel Waakono would take place.

Boat Crossing

As we left the pinasse and paddled through the river water to the island we spotted the small stage area. Fairy lights flashed neon blue, strung over wooden poles with electrical cables creeping over one another. Large crowds of locals gathered, a circle formed around the stage and the smell of brochettes warmed the fresh river air.

Imran and Flo enjoying some music

It was not difficult to see that this festival was different. A little bit special. Organised and financed by Malian musicians for the benefit of the local people and for us, a lovely place to play our first gig of Mali

Us playing!

The ride back to Segu was much more fun than anticipated

7 responses to “Festival Waakono: 2011…

  1. awesome! these music bites gave me goosebumps – you both sound fantastic! it’s all worth it ;D. lots of love.xx


  3. Same here – b i g f a t g o o s e b u m p s ! !

  4. Grim and Grumps

    all l can say is wow, they seemed to enjoy it as much as you, and so did l Grumps hsnt heard it yet he is immersed in a programme about the Blizt in wartime, it is all so real to him as you know, brings back memories, some good but mostly bad. but l will get him to listen in a while. Can w hear some more of yours and Imrans music, it seems as though you are here with us. Fantanstic Love you lots XXXXXX

  5. Oh…you two..these sound bites and pics really capture the party atmosphere. I loved it as much as the audience seemed to. Only I wanted to hear more….

  6. WOW @ the guitar survival, at how well you guys are sounding, @ how well it’s all been going and how nicely you write it down for us to feel like we’re there for a minute!
    Well done!!
    And I can’t help but notice IMRAN YOUR BEARD!!!!!
    Much love xx
    ps Jorge Ivan sends hugs and is really impressed too!

    • Haha beard growing is a fun hobby. Yea stilla amazed by the guitar-miracle – also funny because the sax player’s sax went under the wheel of a 4×4 just a week early and benefited from the same divine intervention!
      Return hugs to Jorge Ivan, hope he’s well and I hope to see him soon! x

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