Leaving Senegal…

Days since we left- 89
Cheese triangles eaten- 148
Meals of Maffe- 31
Broken spokes- 3
Hours of lifetime lost to laundry- 9
Wells used- 23
‘Foster-Clarkes’ vitamin drinks- 24 (owing to the below statistics)
Senegalese vegetables consumed- 12 carrots
8 okra fingers
50 (ish) onions
Our bodyweight in potatoes

Orange faced and mud splattered we have reached Tambacounda where we have stopped for a day to catch up with the bores and chores of our little world. After some rather dusty terrain into the city we arrived to notice our bicycles were looking rather tango-ed. Thus a deep clean was in order for the bikes, panniers and most of all, us.


Imran managed todays cleaning operation, becoming something of an expert at wilderness bike maintainance. Without explanation he had informed me a few days earlier that he was ‘going out to find a piece of scrap metal with a few holes in it. See you later’.

A couple of spokes from his back wheel had broken on the bumpy road to Ziguinchor and we realised that both were on the mech side. This means that in order to change the spoke, we needed to remove the gear cassette, which requires a special key. With no alternative, this tiny piece of metal was DHLed to us, but we nearly lost hope when we realised we also needed a chainwhip.

As we began dreading the wait for another package, Imran got inspired to employ some local metalworkers to make this amazing tool.

Homemade Chainwhip

Though I had become doubtful of his creative ideas I was proved wrong and his homemade chainwhip was pretty impressive.

Spoke repair

Whilst Imran busied himself with bike jobs I found myself reluctantly discovery my domestic capabilities; handwashing our putrid clothes before repairing socks and sewing up the bedraggled guitar case.


But we are both feeling a renewed sense of energy for the journey ahead, a journey which in only a few days will see us cross the border from Senegal to Mali. It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to Senegal.


2 responses to “Leaving Senegal…

  1. La poussiere rouge grince dans les dents, elle remplit les oreilles, elle seche le nez, et couvre tout autour… soyez les bienvenus au Mali :o)) xx

  2. Grim and Grumps

    Hi, good to see you doing the chores Miki, good excuse becuse Imran was working on your beloved bikes congrats Imran on getting someone local to make a chain whip, to me the chains just go round soo why would they need whips??? sorry you know that l do not want an answer to that, but maybe l do!!
    grumpy knows a great deal about bikes but he didn’t have a clue about whipping a chain!!! well you have to have a laugh now and again. So bye my two great adventurers you are almost there, mind l do not know how many miles are left, it gives me a headache even thinking about all those miles.lots of hugs XXXXXX

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