Sounds from Ziguinchor…

After our extended stay with Jaliba Kuyateh we planned to whizz through Ziguinchor to try to reach Mali sooner. But the music of Ziguinchor kept us and we found ourselves staying much longer than planned! Because of some camera issues we couldn’t take any photos, but we feel the sound recordings will do justice to our time there.

Meeting with Sadio Cissokho, a well-reputed kora player, was humbling, his kora playing is simply beautiful, but considering the musical nature of his family it’s no surprise. The family household is busy with the movements of its resident kora players and the young boys are all learning.

Sadio first played us ‘Maké’ a traditional song about the first king of Suni. Mikaela was keen to learn her first Mandinke song…

The tuning of Maké worked well with a lot of songs we knew and we didn’t want to make Sadio retune his 22-stringed instrument so we went straight into “Jonny was a shoemaker”.

Before making Sadio change tuning, we played another folk song, ‘Seven Little Gypsies’.

Finally Sadio retuned and I set my guitar up for lap slide, and we played on of his own pieces, ‘Nion saba’.

We left the city feeling inspired and with the beginnings of a music project that will bring together folk songs from home with the beautiful sound of Mande music.


10 responses to “Sounds from Ziguinchor…

  1. Thanks for sharing the music. I really like them. Worth lying awake in the night for 🙂

  2. Grim and Grumps

    loved listening to their music and when you joined in it proves that music is universally able to blend. very inspiring to someone with music in their souls, so glad that you both made this journey.XXXX

  3. great music clips, wish i was there, carry on sending us such good things to read and listen to!!! Kings Pond shantymen all say hello and are following your escapades, cheers, Simon

  4. Mandy and I have just listened to this in rapture. Fabulous. Quite clearly this is the beginning of something very special. We want more !!!

  5. Excellent job there !!! wowww, most impressed bythe esperienza ricca di CULTURA E INCONTRI con vari e tnie do mondo !!! sheer envy !!! only one small diffect, that that wonderful song and fusion needs some gooooooood Tabla grooves.. :-))
    justtt got today back from the Carthage Music Festival of Tunis..
    lets keep in touch!!!

  6. Just listened to these clips. So beautiful. Keep sending these posts. Am enjoying them so much.

  7. Dave Pickavance

    Wow you guys.. I am loving the beautiful ambiences, and fantastic music parallels that you are drawing up. Its a dream to listen to.. and takes me far, far away.
    Blessings and Love,
    Dave Xx

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