A quick hello from Essaouira…

Since our last post we have not strayed from our usual cycle routine but some great things have been happening in and outside of cyberspace…

Firstly, a few novel things about our blog. If you ever find yourself pondering where on earth we could be, you can now find out simply by going to the maps page. Not only will you find our latest location, updated as often as possible via SMS, you can also check our past progress in the form of waypoints, blogs and photos.

Also, you may have noticed that our first musical blog didn’t have any working music. This problem has now been resolved, so please have a listen to the fascinating Gnawa music.

We’ve also had some great press coverage in the past week. We’ve had a article about music cycles published in the Malian newspaper Le Tambour, describing an “extraordinary human adventure”. We’ve also just heard that we appear in the news section of the Nov/Dec edition of Songlines magazine, an exciting world music publication.

We left Safi a few days ago and we’ve battled some steep hills but the wind has been much kinder, making our progress slow, but painless. We’re now in Essaouira, which hosts the annual Gnawa festival, so we’re hoping to hear some more gimbris and krakebs whilst here! Essaouira is also known for its beach life, so we feel almost obliged to extend our current suntans from our forearms and shins, perhaps even bronzing beyond the glove and sock marks..!


6 responses to “A quick hello from Essaouira…

  1. yeaaahh keep going guys, we´re hanging on to every word. xxxxx

  2. Don’t miss to cycle to Sidi Kaouki beach! 🙂

  3. Matthew Stuttard

    I am so impressed with you two, with every post you are making this an even more inspiring adventure for all of us. The music blog and the photo/routemap are really great.
    Keep laying that rubber on the road, laying down the music tracks, blogging, snapping and mapping. A few more ‘action shots’ with the bikes would be great (put your helmets on!). Matthew xx

    • thanks Matthew! I was just doing some more work on the map, and was just asking myself ‘who is gonna look at this?’ when I read this, so thanks for the encouragement! We’ll try to get some more cycling shots, but it’s not always too tempting to get out the big camera from the panniers, and it’s certainly not a feat to try out while being overtaken by a huge lorry! take care x imran

  4. Matthew Stuttard

    By the way – on this blog the link to the maps page needs fixing. Scrolling down on the map it looks like you don;t have far to go – I’m sure you are painfully aware this is an illusion! It results from the Mercator projection which, in order to keep the ‘shapes’ of the countries about right – makes northern countries look much bigger than they really are and equatorial ones look smaller. It’s all a plot of course! I bet Mikaela will have something to say about that!! The Peters projection removes that distortion but then the ‘shapes’ all look wrong (it’s an equal area projection but is not conformal) and so is only used by organisations like SOAS!

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